Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday update

Hi everyone!

Wow, sorry I have not had the time to update for a little while, but life has been crazy! This weekend my sister came to visit me (she lives about 5 hours away) and we went shopping for her wedding dress! She is getting married in August, so she really needed to find one! Luckily, she did find a dress that looked gorgeous on her! Now we just have to shop for bridesmaids dresses....I am trying to help out with that because I am the maid of honor! Anyway, it was a great weekend, but it went entirely too fast! I feel like I didn't get done nearly enough!

So, I didn't have very much time to work on videos, either, but I promise the Sunday Sale Alert video will be up tonight! Also, I am working on an All-Elf Tutorial so that will be up either later tonight or tomorrow night.

I hope that the Sunday Sale Alert videos are helpful to you all. They do take a good amount of time to put together, so I hope that you all find them informative. I am wondering if there is a better way for me to do the videos though, possibly using a different format. Do you all like the slideshow format, or would it be easier for me just to list the sales here in my blog and then make a separate video talking about the sale highlights? Please let me know which you would prefer. Like I said, I do these videos for you guys, so I definitely would like your feedback! <3

Ok, well I'm off to eat dinner and then I'll continue working on the videos. Stay tuned for new uploads tonight and more this week! Have a wonderful night! :-)

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