Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Makeup Survey!

Hey guys, I just thought this was a fun survey! Feel free to fill it out yourself in the comments or in your own blog! I'm off to relax...had a 12 hour workday and I'm exhausted! Talk to you all soon! :-)


1. What time did you do your makeup today? 8:00 AM

2. What's the least expensive beauty item you used? Two things were $1 each; ELF eyelash curler and ELF all over cover stick!

3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct? concealing blemishes/acne scars

4. Did you apply false eyelashes? No

5. Did you do anything while applying makeup? Listened to "He's Just Not That Into You" movie

6. Biggest makeup mishap today? Probably just being in a hurry and not having that much time to devote to any one thing

7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind? Not today, I was too rushed! :-)

8. What's the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine? Concealer/foundation

9. What's part of your routine is the most fun? doing my eyes...I just got a new NYX 10 color palette and I love picking and choosing colors out of it!

10. What part of your makeup makes the biggest difference in the way you look? curling lashes and mascara. Also, eyeliner when I use it.

11. Neutral or colorful eyeshdaow? Neutral. The most colorful I will go is a plum or pink shade, but that's about it! :-)

12. Liquid or mineral foundation?Liquid (Revlon Colorstay)

13. Do you do your hair or makeup first? Just depends! Normally makeup first, though

14. Did you pack a makeup bag to take with you for the day? Nope, just a cover stickfor touch ups

15. When did you finish your makeup? 8:20 AM

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