Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back!

Hi guys! First, let me apologize for not uploading any new videos this week or writing on here! It has been a crazy week! I was so busy, and then I got some bad news about my job as well. So, I apologize but I promise to get a new video up tonight and lots more this coming week! I am going to pre-record some videos tonight so no matter how busy this week gets, I will still have new videos for you guys! Thanks for bearing with me and being patient. Hopefully this week will be much less stressful, though! :-)

I just got back from Ulta where I went to get some OPI polishes. I have always used China Glaze but figured it was time I tried OPI! While I was there, I swatched some of the Urban Decay shadows for fun and oh my goodness, they are SO soft and smooth! I have never felt eyeshadows like those before! I am in love with the Deluxe Shadow Palette, especially the color "scratch." Right now, UD is 30% off...but I'm on Project 10 Pan. Would ordering something while it is on sale and not using it until I finish Project 10 Pan be cheating????

Well, I have a ton of cleaning to do tonight...I've been out all day shopping and getting things done and my house just gets messier each day! Let's just say, the laundry didn't even make it into the basket this week. :-\ Well, at least I have tonight and tomorrow to get cleaned up and re-organized before the week starts again! I am trying to stay positive about life and my job situation and hopefully all will work out. I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend! Stay tuned for a new video later tonight and the Sunday Sale Alert video tomorrow....GREAT deals at CVS this week!! :-)


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